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Cat flap fitters and letterbox repair specialists

Everyone knows that cats are independent creatures that like to come and go as they please. Sick of their yowling and scratching at the door to be let in or out? Have a cat flap (or dog flap, for your canine buddy), fitted to the front or rear door of your property.


As professional cat and dog flap fitters, we ensure the flap is an adequate size, whilst ensuring the security of your premises is not in any way jeopardised.

Letterbox replacement and repair:

If your letterbox is hanging off its hinges, letting in draughts and making a racket when the wind blows, it's time to get it replaced.


We repair and replace letterboxes in a range of styles to suit your tastes.


Need a new letterbox? Call us today.

Cat flaps and letterboxes fitted for properties across

Greater Manchester.

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