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Replacements for misted double glazing

As your double-glazed units age, their effectiveness will tend to diminish. One of the most obvious signs of this is misting, caused by the ingress of condensation.


Not only this is a bit of an eyesore and an irritation (since you can't see out of your windows properly anymore!), but it is a tell-tale sign that your windows are no longer as efficient as they used to be.

What we do:

Window Surgeon have ample experience in window repair and glazing replacements. We make sure that the materials we use are of the highest quality, and come made to measure to fit your existing window frames perfectly.


Replacing the misted unit really is a must as winter draws near, bringing with it colder, damper weather. There are various methods of repair out there on the market, but whilst these do temporarily fix the condensation problem, they fail to get to the root of what is causing the issue - namely the failed unit itself.

Our service and the benefits:

  • Complete double-glazed unit replacements

  • Solving the problem of misted windows

  • Reduction in damp and draughts

  • The savings are passed down in the form of reduced energy bills

  • Quality, durable products used

  • All work carried out by skilled, competent tradespeople

There's no need to put up with your misted double glazing. Call

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